Code of Conduct

1. Scope of Application

You will be participating in one of the few UX Conference focused on finances in the world. Before we get started, we would like to guide you through the most important things that you need to know about the General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: T&Cs) made by Erste Group Bank AG1 in regards to the George UX Conf (hereinafter: the Event). These T&Cs shall apply to all services provided by the Event to you and other participants (hereinafter: "you", "your", "yours", “yourselves”). Your rights and obligations are determined exclusively by the content of the service offered in the course of the Event and these T&Cs. Any conflicting or deviating terms and conditions, or any other restrictions related to the participation, or other verbal agreements are not valid unless Erste Group Bank AG has expressly agreed to their validity in writing.

1. “Erste Group” means Erste Group Bank AG, Am Belvedere 1, 1100 Vienna, Austria (“Erste Holding”) and all entities in which Erste Holding has and/or will have an interest, irrespective of whether or not this is a direct or indirect, majority or minority, interest; as well as all entities that are included in Erste Holding’s consolidated financial statements (including all members of the “Haftungsverbund” – a cross-guarantee system of Austrian savings banks (“Sparkassen”)). The term Erste Group also includes entities that are directly or indirectly controlled by other members of Erste Group.

2. Registration

You are considered ‘registered’ (pending payment, where applicable) upon the submission of the Event’s online registration form. Do take note that by ‘registered’ to the Event, you give Erste Group Bank AG an explicit consent to agree to these T&Cs without modification. This includes also giving consent to Erste Group Bank AG to re-use/re-produce any filming, display, release, publication, exhibition or reproduction of your image and anything spoken by you to be used for e.g., news, Web casts, advertising, inclusion on Web sites, or other promotional purposes of the Event. You consent to release Erste Group Bank AG from any liability connected with above mentioned promotional activity.

3. Organisation

The Event officially promotes and communicates its program via the website, and on social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The content, speakers and location of the Event might change on short notice for organizational reasons. Such changes do not entitle you to a refund for your participation fees.

4. Data Protection

By registering and/or by participating to the Event wherever physically or virtually via video conferencing or web conferencing platforms/tools, you have read, acknowledge, and give your consent that your personal data will be collected and processed by Erste Group Bank AG. Please note that your personal data may be used by Erste Group Bank AG for administration purposes, to provide the best experience for your participation. Learn more about our Data Protection & Privacy Policy here.

5. Agreement Regarding Third-Party Website and/or Platforms/Tools

You might be required to register for and/or participate to the Event via third-party registration website and/or video conferencing or web conferencing platforms/tools. Erste Group Bank AG has no representation, or warranties, and shall have no liability or obligation whatsoever in relation to the content and/or the participants’ use of any such third-party website and/or platforms/tools, and any contract and/or terms of use you may have entered and/or accepted with any such third party is strictly between you and the relevant third party.

6. Ticket Policy

Ticket Price

The ticket price provides full access and participation to the Event, including its materials, including the in person and remote activities offered, and in person refreshments available during breaks, lunch and after party. In Person ticket is exchangeable.

Travel Costs for Participants

Costs for travel and accommodation are not included in the Event’s participation fees. Any travel and accommodation expenses will be solely paid by you. Any prepaid travel costs will not be refunded by Erste Group Bank AG in case the Event should be cancelled.

Ticket Booking

Tickets will be available and sold officially via the website The registration is considered completed once the ticket is booked, and payment has been finalized by you. You will receive an email confirmation upon successful registration.

Booking Changes / Booking Cancellation

Any changes in Bookings/ Cancellations request after the start of the Event, can only be made by Erste Group Bank AG.

7. Cancellation Policy

Cancellation initiated by you within the cancellation period of 30 days prior to the Event in for reasons attributable to you (incl. e.g. health issues, sickness, etc.) will not entitle you to any refund.

You are only entitled for a full refund of your participation fees in cases of:
- that the Event must be cancelled due to Force Majeure* reasons
- the Event is cancelled 60 days prior to the start date of the Event

8. The Event Code of Conduct

Entry Requirement

It is mandatory to show proof of the Event registration such as valid ticket / sign in if you are joining virtually to gain entrance into the Event. Should you fail to do so, your entry request into the Event will be denied. In such case you are not entitled to any refund of your participation fees.

Further Assistance

Should you need any special assistance (e.g., in relation to a person who is blind/visually impaired or a person with a physical disability), or should you have any dietary restriction that the Event should be aware of please kindly write us an email to to arrange for further assistance at the Event.

Where applicable, you will be given the opportunity to mention any dietary requirement in the registration form and/or through the subscription process.

Expected Behavior

The Event’s aim is to bring experts together as well as providing a friendly, safe, and welcoming environment for all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, or religion. We invite you to contribute to a safe and positive experience for everyone. Any behavior/act deemed unacceptable will not be tolerated.

Do be mindful of your surroundings. Exercise consideration and respect in your speech and actions. Keep an open mind and respond to differences in a respectful way. Refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, offensive, or harassing behavior, materials, and speech. To keep background noise to a minimum at our Live sessions, we ask you to keep a low voice / remain on mute when you are not speaking. While it is great to share the moment with the world that you are attending one of the coolest UX Conferences, be mindful with your frequency and intensity for snapping photos and filming the Event.

For your best interest we kindly also ask you to always observe and follow the safety and health measures provided at the Event and all the house rules at the Venue including any Government regulations concerning Covid19.

Do alert one of the Event staff should you notice a disturbing situation, someone in distress, or violations of this Code of Conduct, even if they seem inconsequential. Anyone asked to stop unacceptable behavior is expected to comply immediately. If a participant engages in unacceptable behavior, the Event staff may take any action they deem appropriate, up to and including expulsion from the Event without further warning or refund.

9. Limit of Liability

Erste Group Bank AG is not liable for direct/indirect or consequential damages claims unless they are based on proven intentional or grossly negligent behavior. Furthermore, the liability of Erste Group Bank AG is limited only to the amount of the participation fees. Erste Group Bank AG reserves the right to amend the content of these T&Cs and will ask for your consent in case of relevant changes. These T&Cs and all contracts concluded on their basis are subject to Austrian law excluding its conflict of law rules. The place of jurisdiction is Vienna, Austria.

* Force Majeure event means any event which is beyond our and/or your reasonable control, including but not limited to, Act of God, fire, flood, lightening, storm, earthquake or other climatic or meteorological catastrophes, failure or delay of common carrier or impairment or lack of adequate transportation facilities, embargo, government requirement or action including the imposition of sanctions by any country against Austria or a country in which a party is registered or a country in which the Event is deemed to be staged, war, terrorism or any event or circumstance which puts at risk or endangers the health, safety or security of ours and yours, which prevents and/or affects the staging of the Event, and could not have been prevented, avoided or remedied by the parties affected by the Force Majeure event.